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List of Possible Solutions:

The main objective is to touch people’s hearts to open their minds to the possibilities in and around them, so that they can realise their level self-fulfilment, find solutions and be effective. Combining the magic of nature, action learning and Tru-Heart coaching, we influence a change in thoughts. We assist delegates to synchronise with their purpose, realise their potential, and to live and work with passion.

1. Community Upliftment

Besides poverty many communities combat addiction, gangsterism, abuse and everything else that goes with real lack. We identify influencers and leaders in the community to become members of the WCPCC (Western Cape Primary Coaching Co-op). We empower them and work with them to become positive influencers in their towns. People in the community would often relate better with one of their own who managed to successfully conquer the realities of their day to day battles, than to some “wise outsider” who just "won't" understand.

2. Executive Leadership - Nature Sessions (1-on-1 Executive Coaching):

Book anything from an hour to a full day with a Life/Leadership Coach as company, on a nature trail, on horse-back, sailing, MTB’ing or on a 4x4 trail. You can choose from a list of trails with different settings – coastal, mountainous or wild life, easy, medium or difficult, on a topic of your choice (find examples below):

  • Leadership Greatness
  • Getting unstuck
  • A Plan for my Life
  • Helping my team with Change
  • Shifting/Transforming my team/department/company.
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Dealing with Disruptive Change
  • My Purpose in Life
  • Trust and Trustworthiness
  • Difficult conversations (handling conflict)
  • Parenthood

During these sessions, you will leave equipped with practical tools and self-confidence to make the change.

3. Group Coaching:

The classroom for all group coaching sessions will as far as possible, be somewhere in nature. If it doesn’t happen under the trees or the clouds, the venue will be carefully chosen in order for each delegate to experience the magic of nature. Any human engagement topic imaginable can be the subject of discussion:

  • Trust
  • Cohesive Teams
  • Communication
  • Conflict handling
  • Creative problem solving
  • Change management

* Virtual Group Coaching/Workshops are also now available at R1200 pp/pd

4. Schools/Children (With sponsors for the previously disadvantaged)

  • Dune rides
  • Sandboarding
  • Farm experiences
  • Basic Leadership Foundation
  • Leadership Greatness (High Schools)
  • Nature hikes
  • Game drives
  • A San Cultural experience
  • MTB rides

5. Personal Mastery

The world is suffering because people are not finding and/or maximizing their true potential. In these sessions we aim to connect delegates to their true selves out in nature, and equip them with the tools and confidence to play the role they are meant to play within their families, their teams, their companies and their communities. Again we will combine any relevant issue or topic of coaching to one of the activities below.

a. Real Men

Toxic masculinity has largely contributed to our “unwell” global society. So what does “toxic masculinity,” or “traditional masculinity ideology,” mean? Researchers have defined it, in part, as a set of behaviours and beliefs that include the following:

i. Suppressing emotions or masking distress

ii. Maintaining an appearance of hardness

iii. Violence as an indicator of power (think: “tough-guy” behaviour)

Through real conversation we discover what real masculinity means – be it in management roles, fatherhood,  or husband-hood.

b. Empowered woman

We help woman to be more self-aware thus affording them the opportunity to change purposefully, AND to program their minds for empowering beliefs and results. Be strategic in the way they live their lives. Know the reasons that they limit themselves and how to change this. Greater self-worth and therefore the ability to grow and, where applicable, develop others. Woman who don’t cowered before their husbands and contribute to the family income, community leaders, and equal partners in their marriages. WE help woman find their voices and their power, to help their communities.

6. Team Builds:

Team building sessions will always have “fun” as an outcome, but will at all times include some form of a facilitated personal mastery component. Combined to the facilitated session, choose any activity from the list below:

  • E-bike trail rides (no need to be fit)
  • Mountain bike trails (Own or Rented bicycles)
  • Guided Hiking Trails (from easy to difficult)
  • Kloofing (for the adrenaline junkies)
  • San Culture experience
  • Game drives
  • Paintball
  • High Ropes
  • Low ropes
  • 4x4 trails (Own vehicles or as passengers)
  • Horse outrides (Beach, Road or Game)
  • Canoeing
  • Campfire talks (Overnight)
  • A Working Farm Experience
  • Rock pools
  • Dune rides
  • Sandboarding

7. Consultative Selling:

  • Establishing Trust Relationships.
  • Finding the Need?
  • Designing Solutions
  • Getting the "Yes"
  • Following through

8. Focus for Profit:

  • Establishing Trust Relationships.
  • Finding the Need?
  • Designing Solutions
  • Getting the "Yes"
  • Following through

9. Tru-Heart Hard Solutions:

  • Establishing Trust Relationships.
  • Finding the Need?
  • Designing Solutions
  • Getting the "Yes"
  • Following through

10. One-on-one Coaching:


1. Executive Coaching - R2000 p/h

2. Personal Coaching - R1500 p/h



A typical group session can look like this:

8:00 – Meet at the venue
8:30 – Breakfast
9:30 – 2 Hour E-Bike ride to the boma on the hill (Encounter Eland, Zebra, Springbok) (No fitness required)
11:00 – Cool down, have a few soft drinks or water.
11:30 – Session of Hope - Tools to deal with external change, and tools to bring about desired change in your life.
13:00 – Lunch on the mountain. A selection of platters will be provided.
14:00 – A downhill hike (or tractor ride for the very tired) to experience San living.
16:00 – Debrief in a conference room (action plans).
17:00 – Leave with the necessary tool to be transformed.

Price: R2200 per person. Minimum 10 people, Maximum 15.