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Beware what you Believe!

“I will believe it when I see it!” “I am not good with people!” John will never make it as a manager!

We have heard these comments so many times. In fact we have most probably used the same terms ourselves before; or it might just be part of your philosophy of life.

Our convictions and opinions go beyond debating or arguing with people. It is a life-changing phenomenon. It influences every aspect of our lives – the decisions we make; our levels of success. It determines our sense of emotional-, spiritual- and interpersonal peace. It determines what we do, how we do it, and if do it at all! Pay attention to what you believe it makes all the difference! Henry Ford understood something about this principle when he said: ”Whether you believe (think) you can or you can’t, you’re right!”

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The Problem with the Question – WHY?

Have you ever asked yourself the question:” Why does anything happen to anyone? I know this is a confusing question... Let me elaborate. What cause things to happen in our lives... no not what is the reason why things happen to us; what cause things to change in my life? It is an important question, because whatever answer we have to it, determines how we deal with it. Most people are living their lives completely unaware, not paying attention to what’s happening with or to them. Over many years I have asked this question to many individuals, and I believe the answers I received can be grouped into three reasons:

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The Parachute Principle

More than a couple of years ago, a group of adrenaline junky friends of mine and I decided to challenge one of the first laws of the created universe i.e. gravity. We felt the urge to jump out of a perfectly functioning aeroplane, with a bag of nylon and strings tied to our backs, and see if we could make it safely back to the surface of mother earth - parachuting. We drove through to the Citrusdal parachute club’ training camp the Friday night, had a braai and a few drinks while we were discussing the odds, strangely feeling petrified, but alive!

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