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Stop Spending Start Investing

When someone mentions this topic to you, the natural assumption would be that she’s referring to money. But that is only one fifth of the truth. According to the late Bill Gibson – CEO of KBI (Knowledge Brokers International), we all have 5 personal resources available to us if we want to make a difference:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Abilities (Knowledge and Skills)
  4. Energy, and
  5. Our name (Our Personal Brand)

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Changing Your Mind Is Not Enough

So you, like everyone else on the face of the earth, want your life to matter. You want to be a leader who impacts the people who follow you in a positive way. You hope that one day when someone asks one of the team members who the manager was that positively impacted her life the most, to think of you. You want your children one day to raise their children to become adults who are happy, fulfilled, successful, and give you as their parents the credit. How amazing the thought or even more the experience of hearing your child say:” My mom was my best friend, who gave me the best advice.” “If I can be a dad to my kids like the father I had, I would be grateful.” But yet, we are all too aware of the many things we say, and do, that contradicts the person we want to be. We are sometimes caught up in past failures, or memories of mistakes we made… feelings of failure as a result of other people’s opinions of us. And without realising it, we subconsciously create realities for ourselves that progressively look like the person we don’t want to be. But how do we turn this process around? The key is awareness. If we think of becoming more effective as human beings, we need to understand how the human body, mind and spirit work. Why we do, think and say the things we shouldn’t, and even don’t want to.

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Doubt Everything you Assume!

So after several dates, questions and experiences together, you decide to pop the big question:” Will you marry me?” you ask her in a soft voice, as you open the little black box, going down on your left knee, and looking deep into her beautiful green eyes. At first she stands in disbelief, and then it hits her... the man of her dreams, her perfect fit has just proposed.

The reason why he asked, and she said yes is based on the expectation that things will work out. This expectation is based on the assumption that everyone will do what they said they will do, we understand what we are doing, and therefor things will work out. The fact of the matter is that they don’t. I read somewhere this true statement:” Never doubt yourself, but doubt everything you assume? This sounds a bit negative, I know, but the message for me is - manage your expectations by firstly recognising that they are without exception based on certain assumptions.

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The Trust Dilemma

If there is one word I find nobody feels neutral about, it’s the word TRUST. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and everyone has stories to tell that lead to their opinions. Confucius is known to have said: “I wouldn’t know what to do with someone whose word cannot be trusted. How would you drive a wagon without a yoke or a chariot without a crossbar?” John C Maxwell said: “Trust is like oxygen; when there is enough available, nobody notices its presence. The moment there is a shortage of trust; everybody notices it in very real way!” Many people refer to trust as the foundation of relationships; and yet most people in my trust sessions seem to have difficulty trusting, and therefore experience foundational problems in many key relationships in their lives.

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